Countryman Songo

Adom TV’s exquisite sports show, Fire for Fire is set to be electrified as host Countryman Songo takes his seat tomorrow after touching down in the country.

After three weeks of holidays in the United States, the Fire Man is back and poised to return to the screen to do what he knows how to do best.

As part of preparations towards his return, a new set has been designed for the show – more colorful yet fiery.

The design consists of football on flames, a depiction of how hot the sports discussions are.

Granted to say, however, that Fire for Fire, lived on in Songo’s absence these past weeks as refined sports journalist, Kobby Stone presented in his stead.

Ranging from local to international news, Kobby Stone dissected the issues constructively, much to the admiration of viewers, and the return of the regular host can only make it even more exciting.