Queen Haizel
Queen Haizel

Fast-rising Ghanaian artiste, Queen Haizal, is currently trending on social media after a video of her taking off her panties while on stage pops up online.

The video which has since gone viral on social media has the slay queen, who doubles as a musician skillfully removing her ‘dross’ while performing to her audience.

It’s unclear if the act was part of her stagecraft to entertain the crowd but it came as a surprise to the patrons of the show who couldn’t hide their reaction after the act.

Weeks ago, Queen Haizel made similar headlines after saying she would cut off her clitoris because they were distracting her from making music.

According to Queen Haizel, that particular part of her sɛxual organ is very sensitive and keeps taking her concentration off her music career because she gets between 17 to 20 Orgasms daily.


Watch latest video below: