An overaged car
An overaged car

President of the Automobile Dealers Union of Ghana, Eric Kwaku Boateng, has revealed some overaged vehicles that can still be imported after the ban on the importation of overaged vehicles.

The exempted vehicles follow consultations with the parliamentary joint committee on the ban of importation of overaged cars into the country.


Government, through the amendment of the Customs Act, 2015, seeks to ban the importation of vehicles aged 10 years or more as such cars are believed to be a major cause of road accidents in the country.   

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show on Wednesday, Mr Boateng said the Union disagreed with the parliamentary joint committee on its decision to ban all overaged and salvaged vehicles as the ban, if fully implemented, will for instance affect vehicles used in transporting food from rural communities to the urban areas.

“The immediate ban of such vehicles will not help us because these companies that are to set up their car assembly plants in the country, will be manufacturing small cars and 4×4 and not the kind of vehicles we use for public transportation, food and water transport,” he said.


According to him, overaged cars that can still be imported include those used in transporting water and food like the Kia Trader, sprinter and other vehicles that are able to transport more than 10 people.