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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has warned heads of Senior High Schools (SHS) to desist from tampering with the approved prospectus for first year students.

The prospectus, which outlines the required items from newly admitted students, is reviewed and approved by the Ghana Education Service.

But speaking with the media on Tuesday, the spokesperson of the GES, Cassandra Twum Ampofo, lamented that her outfit has observed with worry, some headteachers making changes to the prospectus.

According to her, the act is wrong; stressing that heads who add or remove from the approved prospectus will be sanctioned.

“We are cautioning the heads who are going contrary to what we have discussed. We’ve realized that some were adding A4 sheets, mosquito coils and all of that in the prospectus.

“For us, that was really worrying, so we had to caution them to let them know that, that wasn’t what we agreed on”, she said.

Newly admitted SHS students started reporting to their various schools on Monday, February 27.

Many of them, who were seen in the company of their parents and guardians, expressed mixed reactions about going to school.

While some expressed delight, others, especially those admitted into boarding houses showed signs of uneasiness.

The situation of having to leave home to be domiciled in school is often difficult for many first year students, though they acclimatise with time.

Meanwhile, out of the 547,329 candidates who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination last year, 538,399 qualified for school placement.

Out of this number, only 372,780 candidates were automatically placed, while 165,601 of the qualified candidates had to undergo self-placement due to the system’s inability to assign them to their preferred schools.