Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko

Founder of the Danquah Institute, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, believes there is uneasiness in the head of President Nana Akufo-Addo over appointments in his second term.

Mr Otchere-Darko has explained this is due to a lot of demands that have to be met and changes to be made with the appointment.

He said this in a Facebook post while calling for the appointing authority to be spared a thought.

He, among other things, noted the popular demand for a leaner government compared to the elephant size in President Akufo-Addo’s first term.

He also admitted some people will gain, but many will lose out.


“Spare a thought for the appointing authority. Your task is to form a govt; A leaner one by popular demand; You want to cut down on the number of ministers; Collapse some 7 or so portfolios; Some people will gain, but many will lose out. Uneasy is the head,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the President will not appoint more than 85 Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Regional Ministers in his second term in office.