The young man wearing the 'sakawa' ring lives at Iron City in Kasoa
The young man wearing the 'sakawa' ring lives at Iron City in Kasoa

The woes of a teenager, who is on the verge of losing his finger or life for wearing a ring made for spiritual purposes at Kasoa Iron City in the Central Region, are far from over.

The young man reportedly took the ring from his friend.

But unknown to him [the victim], the ring was for spiritual purposes and should not come into contact with water but he is said to have taken his bath with it.

After failed attempts to remove the silver ring on the teenager’s index finger, a Mallam was consulted for help.

The Mallam is said to have applied herbs and eggs on the teenager from head to toe amid incantations and libations for over two hours.


After the removal, he is said to have, with the help of two others, successfully removed the ring and stopped the bleeding.

But the teenager’s life is in danger, according to a witness who has been trying to help the boy.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Tuesday, Kwame Kyere, said the victim, who is already in pain, has locked himself in his room for fear of being taken away by his friend.

According to him, after the ring was removed from his finger, some young men with the owner of the ring stormed his house to ask for the ring, else they deal with him.

“Just last night when the ring was removed on his finger, some guys together with the ring owner came to the house where the teenager resides to demand the ring. The teenager for fear of his life is now locked in his room and can’t come out,” he said.

Mr Kyere is, therefore, pleading with people who matter to immediately do the needful so that the teenager can go to school because he fears going out.

“If there is any ritual or anything at all to be done, I am calling on those who can help to come to the teenager’s aid. If they have to go and apologise to the ring owner, they should do it so that the young boy can have his peace of mind and go to school because he can’t come out,” he added.