Former Education Minister, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang, has opined that there is a problem with the Free Senior High School (SHS) agenda facilitated by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to her, the fear of being chastised has caused citizens and high-ranked persons to be silent on the matter, and consequently, the government is failing to admit their problems.

“There is nothing wrong with admitting there is a problem. There is nothing wrong with saying you had the best of intentions but this is where I am and I need help,” she said.

Speaking on Joy News Monday, Prof Opoku Agyemang noted that the admission of the loophole doesn’t mean the government has failed, but it is to provide an opportunity for amendment.

Per her perspective, space for citizens to provide constructive criticism and a platform to air their grievances is absent.

She again admonished authorities to willingly listen to the complaint of beneficiaries of free SHS in the country.

“Don’t go in cowing anyone that if you speak I’m transferring you if you speak I’m demoting you. That kind of harassment and attitude will not give you the result you need.

“Sometimes it is not always what you want to hear that people say because you are not everywhere, they are there and they are telling you these are the issues,’’ she revealed.

In her opinion, authorities should focus on the content of the complaint other than the tone.

‘’Maybe they said it in a way that is annoying, you can put that aside and look at the content of the complaint and if it is your duty to go and fix it, you fix it,” she added.

Referencing Western countries who have adopted the double-track system, the former Minister further explained that the agenda is not the most suitable for Ghana.

She believes that Ghana had a good education system that has produced some of the best professionals any country would be proud of, and with some more efforts, the flag of education will be raised high again.

“I will like to bet that over 95% of Ghanaians abroad who are now doing us proud, holding good position and doing well had their education in the country,’’ she revealed.

She charged the NPP government to complete abandoned infrastructure, adding that it would be a step in rectifying some of the errors of free SHS.