Kojo Bonsu donates to Ho female prison

The former Mayor of Kumasi, Kojo Bonsu, on Thursday paid a visit to the Ho Female Prison in the Volta Region of Ghana.

He did this as part of his participation in the Lab Policy Colloquium’s three-day retreat in finding result-oriented measures to the National Democratic Congress’ shortcomings and to propose feasible strategies towards Election 2024.

The Lab Policy Colloquium 2021 was held at the Volta Serene Hotel in Ho, the regional capital of Volta.

The former Kumasi Mayor revealed in his speech that he is of a strong conviction that not every prisoner secured a stay due to crime, but many have found their way there over wrong accusations and lack of financial capacity to employ the services of legal aides.

Mr Bonsu encouraged the prisoners not to throw in the towel nor be overwhelmed by their curtailed liberties of movement, but rather take whatever apprenticeship programme they’re taught seriously.

He said they can come out well refined and readily integrated back into society to start life on a fresh page.

As part of the visit, Mr Bonsu said he appreciates the challenges of the prisoners so he contributed his widow’s might towards their welfare by donating several food items, toiletries, sanitary materials, bags of water and an undisclosed amount of money.

He appealed to the Judiciary arm of government to liberalise their legal aid systems to enable less-privileged individuals to have full access to lawyers for a fairer trial to avoid incarceration of innocent and less-privileged people charged with varying offences.

His visit was a continuation of his ongoing engagement with civic associations, artisans, and vocational groups country-wide.