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There are some things a girl would do when she wants you to approach her, she will start to give you some signs. Guys need to pay close attention to the signs women throw out. The last thing you want is to panic before, while, and after talking to a girl you love. So sit tight, and learn the signs.

These are the 5 signs a girl wants you to approach her.

1. She looks at you more than once: She can’t stop looking at you, every couple of seconds her eyes move in your direction. You may check if she looked at you more than once before approaching her. The girl is trying to get your attention and wants you to notice her.

2. She slows down for you: A girl who doesn’t love you will speed up when she is passing you, but if she wants you to approach her, she will slow down giving you more time to observe her and attract you. This is one of the most obvious signs she wants you to approach her.

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3. When she does the smile look away routine: When you turn your head, and your eyes meet. You smile, and she does the same. It feels so good to know that she is interested in you. If she doesn’t want you to talk to her, she won’t smile back.

4. She tries everything to be close to you: If a girl wants you to approach her, or talk to her, she will try her best to get closer to you, she might even ask you to teach her how to play a game, or ask you to send her movies on her phone. That’s her way of getting closer to you.

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5. When she is talking to her friends, but looking at you: She won’t focus on her friends because you are around her. If she looks at you even though she is talking to someone else, she wants you to approach her. She might pretend to be listening to her conversational partner, but she has her eyes on you.