Fisherfolk in the country have expressed gratitude to Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, and the government, for the introduction of an automated system to oversee the transparent distribution of premix fuel.

The initiative, the Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System, was commissioned in Elmina on Tuesday, September 5 and gives fishermen direct access to premix fuel they need at the pumps, without going through middlemen, who often hoard the fuel and charge them more.

Now, they only use their digital Canoe Identification Cards, which contain their bio-data and other important data.

The cards are swiped through the machine, and they are able to get their required pre-mix fuel at the designated pumps.

During the commissioning, the excited fisherfolks showered praises on Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, whom they said, showed concern over their plight and promised to find a solution to it.

“The vice president was concerned about fishermen and the difficulties we face over premix. After our discussions, he said he’s got a vision that one day, the issues over premix fuel will come to an end. And truly, this has come to an end,” said a representative of the fishermen.

“If we are here today, and today the issue of protocol over the disbursement of premix fuel is no more, we thank God, and we also thank the vice president.”

“If the vice president has done this for us, all of us fishermen from here through Accra to Volta are very grateful to him. This will help us a lot because the wicked ones who have been taking what is due us cannot beat this innovation. Today marks a milestone in the work of fishermen, and we are grateful to the Vice President.”

The Chief fisherman, Nana Badu who also spoke on behalf of his colleagues, was happy the fish farming industry has also seen Dr. Bawumia’s digital transformation.

“Now all of us, the fish farmers, have realised that indeed Mr. Digital Man is working. Once your card is swiped, everything comes out and you get your premix fuel easily without any stress and you get exactly the quantity you need,” the Chief Fisherman noted.

“This is a very good initiative for us and we are very grateful to the Government and the Vice President,’ he added.