File photo: A shrine

A fetish priest has fled his community after inflicting machete wounds on two children.

The suspect, identified as Emea Ibe, was accused by the community of inflicting machete wounds on Friday Ota Awa, 10, and his step-sister, Kosisochukwu, on the allegation that they were responsible for the death of his sheep.

The native doctor reportedly accused Awa of beating his sheep to death, an allegation refuted by the boy’s family.

Ibe allegedly tied and dragged Awa to his shrine, where he hit him with a machete in an effort to force a confession out of him.

When his sister, Kosisochukwu, pleaded with the native doctor to spare her brother’s life, Ibe also grabbed her and beat her with the same machete, declaring that nothing would happen even if he killed them.

The victim’s father, reportedly a stroke patient and their mother, an asthma sufferer, were helpless and could not rescue their children from the native doctor.

Condemning the development, the traditional ruler of Akanu, Ezieogo Mba Okereke, said he had directed other native doctors in the community to fish out their fugitive colleague for prosecution.

The monarch who condemned the action of the native doctor, promised that the matter would not be swept under the carpets as he is prepared to protect the rights of abused children.

Youth of Ania Akanu have also vowed to nab the fleeing native doctor and bring him to justice.