Fella Makafui, Actress

Actress Fella Makafui has again surprised her fans by showing off her latest lioness tattoo on her arm on social media.

Her husband, rapper Samuel Adu Frimpong, popularly known as Medikal, also inked a ‘big’ lion on his arm.

The head of the lion was drawn in halves, Medikal bearing the iconic mane that encircles a lion to signify he is the man of the house, with actress Makafui bearing the other half as a lioness.

Medikal and Fella Makafui tattoo their arms
Medikal and Fella Makafui tattoo their arms


Just as some people give reasons for inking their skin, she said her own stemmed out of the fact that she sees herself as a lioness in the entertainment sphere.

If you know me so well, you will understand why this! I am a lioness, she wrote in caps.

Check out her tattooed arm below:

Fella Makafui shows off Lioness tattoo
Fella Makafui’s only reason for having matching tattoos with husband Medikal