Information Minister-designate Fatimatu Abubakar strongly opposes proposals to abolish or merge the Information Ministry with the Ministry of Communications.

During her vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Friday, March 8, Abubakar emphasised the necessity of maintaining the ministry as an independent entity, arguing that it is better equipped to fulfil vital state functions.

She pointed out past challenges encountered when the Ministry was merged with the Communications Ministry, highlighting the difficulties faced by various agencies under the ministry during that period.

Ms. Abubakar expressed her stance: “If anything, I believe we should advocate for increased allocation and raise awareness about the importance of the ministry.

“When the ministry was merged with the Communications Ministry previously, the struggles faced by the various agencies under the ministry were evident.

“Visiting the Ministry of Information building or the ISD buildings today, the evidence of these struggles speaks for itself.”

“It is beneficial to have a sector ministry that prioritizes the welfare of these agencies, despite them not being income-generating entities.

“They serve a public duty, and we must pay attention to them. This approach has improved the performance of the ministry,” she added.