EndPoint Homeopathic Clinic, Ghana’s trailblazer in homeopathic medication, has made a grand entry into Nzemaland by opening a new branch there.

The new branch was specifically opened at Essiama over the weekend when the chiefs and people joined the founder of the clinic, Dr Adu Boateng for the grand opening.

According to Dr Boateng, the new branch will serve the people of Essiama and its surroundings with services such as laboratory, scans and physiotherapy.

The new clinic will also treat patrons with both acute and chronic diseases of all kinds.

Chief of Essiama, Nana Ainoo Kwagyan III, cutting the tape to open the branch

The chief of Essiama, Nana Ainoo Kwagyan III who was present at the opening expressed his thanks to the Dr Adu Boateng and EndPoint Homeopathic Clinic for bringing homeopathy treatment to their doorsteps.

EndPoint Homeopathic Clinic provides research-based homeopathic treatments with a service that is second to none.

The clinic focuses on customer satisfaction as the primary driver of its business and only prescribes therapies after a complete diagnosis with a qualified homeopathic doctor.

The clinic specialises in peptic ulcers, prostate problems, strokes and many other forms of diseases.

Endpoint has received many awards, both locally and internationally for its excellence in delivering homeopathic services in Ghana.