Empress Gifty

Gospel musician Empress Gifty is not tolerating naysayers in 2022 as she has begun her year clapping back at her trolls.

Empress Gifty went wild and rained insults on a netizen who called her an ‘unrighteous Christian and a slay queen’ during her live video session.

While the songstress was addressing a topic unrelated to fashion, the troll chipped in her comment, suggesting the lifestyle of Empress Gifty does not depict one who is winning souls for God.

The comment angered the musician, especially as she had faced backlash in previous years for donning fitting wear and coloured hair.

Without mincing words, the Obia Nse Wo composer described the troll as a block-headed person with misplaced priorities.

She further educated the troll on her true meaning of a slay queen; someone who is full of confidence and fire and dresses as such.

According to Empress Gifty, the troll’s inability to notice her outfits are for advertising purposes is evident that she is speaking from the depth of poverty.

Speaking on the ‘unrighteous’ tag, Empress Gifty admitted she is a sinner, and that is the reason she tries her best to uphold Christianity.

She further went on to send a word of caution to her critics not to direct their attention to her, as she has decided to hit back in full force.