Efia Odo and Lebene
Efia Odo and Lebene

Socialite and FixTheCountry lead campaigner, Efia Odo, known in private life as Andrea Owusu, has hit hard at actress and model, Victoria Lebene.

In series of posts on Twitter, Efia Odo blasted Lebene, the wife of popular blogger, Nkonkonsa, for making undesirable comments about her (Odo) and other campaigners. Lebene, in a reaction to the August 4 protest by the FixTheCountry movement, admonished that those championing the cause should dress decently so their messages will be taken seriously.

Though Lebene did not mention names in her post which she shared on Instagram stories, many blogs interpreted the statement as a jab to Efia Odo.

Odo happens to be one of the key organisers of the FixTheCountry protest and is known to like skimpy clothing.


After becoming aware of the post, Efia Odo decided to reply on Twitter, saying Lebene was not as decent as she is portraying.

Read her allegations below: