EC boss, Jean Mensa

The Deputy Director of Elections and IT for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr Rashid Tanko-Computer has criticised the Electoral Commission (EC), stating that its recent actions create significant uncertainty.

This comes in response to a June 2nd press release from the EC, which stated that party agents should not be present at polling stations.

This directive contradicts the agreement reached during a May 29th IPAC meeting, where it was decided that political parties should be allowed to observe the transfer process to ensure transparency.

The sudden reversal by the EC, as indicated in their June 2nd statement, has raised concerns within the NDC about the integrity of the electoral process.

Speaking on the JoyNews AM show, Dr Tanko said, “The posturing of this current Electoral Commission does not allow anybody to go to sleep and to think that they are an independent body because they have not shown enough good faith to warrant that kind of accolade that we used to know about the Electoral Commission.

“I will walk you through the process. Look at what happened in 2020. In 2020, how many results did she declare? On the 9th, she declared one. In the evening, she changed the result. In the morning on the 10th, she changed another result, several changes, as we speak now, you cannot even pinpoint which result she used to declare Nana Addo as the President.”

Dr Rashid Tanko-Computer claimed that the Electoral Commission avoided scrutiny over the results of the 2020 election by refusing to be cross-examined on the matter.

In addition, he criticised the 2023 voter registration process as “shambolic,” alleging that the EC is still grappling with the task of cleaning up the voters’ register.

“We did an election, Assembly men election, where ballot papers got short in the polling station. Have you ever seen some before? So, this kind of Electoral Commission is noted for these kinds of wrongs. Just recent registration, fake figures and wrong figures were chained out. We corrected them”, he noted.