Some 29 electricity poles have been burnt by bushfires

The Ada District of the Tema Region of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is appealing for public support against the prevention of bushfires, which keeps causing havoc to the power distribution company.

In collaboration with the media, assembly members and stakeholders, the District has been sensitising the public to be aware of the dryness of the harmattan weather and the susceptibility of bushes to uncontrolled fire outbreaks.

Bushfires often result from unintentional fires set up to clear specific areas, but which end up affecting other places as well, causing damage to property, animals, and in the case of ECG, some wooden electricity poles in bushy areas.

In Ada District, the company has lost some electricity wooden poles in Koluedor Zongo, Tojeh, Hwakpo and Addo Kope from December 2023 to Thursday, 25th January 2024.

The effect of these bush fires affects both customers and the utility service provider, in that, the customers being served with the part of the network with burnt poles will not have power for a while, as the damage caused must be rectified.

On the part of the company, resources meant for other developmental projects will have to be diverted to replace lost materials in order to restore power supply.

The District Manager for ECG Ada District, Ing. Louis Nutsugah, said “We appeal to those engaged in these activities to consider the danger it poses to the stability of electricity supply to the communities in the district”.

Ing. Nutsugah also called for public support for all to be on alert and watchful in the communities so that, hopefully, we can help to prevent as well as educate community members on the effects of bushfires.

Ing. Nutsugah thanked all stakeholders who continually support the activities of the utility service provider and called for continuous collaboration to ensure better services.