Richard Ahiagbah, Executive Director of Danquah Institute
Richard Ahiagbah, Executive Director of Danquah Institute

Executive Director for Danquah Institute, a public policy analysis and research centre, Mr Richard Ahiagbah, has blamed the Electoral Commission (EC) for the ‘national’ resistance against the compilation of a new register.

His assertion follows a research conducted by the Danquah Institute which revealed that most Ghanaians don’t understand and are not in support of the EC’s decision to compile a new Voters Register.

According to Mr Ahiagbah, there is a ‘national’ resistance against a new register because the EC has failed to properly educate Ghanaians on the need for it.


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The EC has not properly educated Ghanaians on the reasons why there is the need for a new register. They have woefully failed in doing that. The EC has to talk to Ghanaians and make them understand why they are pushing to compile a new register.

They have to properly explain to Ghanaians the numerous defects with the current register and when they do that, then they will have the full support of Ghanaians to compile a new register [sic], he said in an interview on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem show on Tuesday.