File photo: mobile money (MoMo)

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has explained that, charges on transaction below GH¢100 will be refunded within 72 hours.

The anomaly, Head of Project Management at GRA, Isaac Kobina Amoako said is because the  the charging entities; Telcos, Banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Specialized deposit-taking institutions; are charging from their individual systems.

This follows complaints of illegal deductions by some mobile money users. Those who used the platform charged the E-levy on transfers even below the stipulated baseline of GH¢100.

But Mr. Amoako said there is no need to panic since the telcos have been asked to refund the monies deducted to MoMo users.

He admitted that the challenges where off-net transfers to the same person are receiving charges happened during the GRA’s simulation, therefore, was anticipated.

According to him, the Authority has taken steps to ensure these challenges are addressed.

“We have shared some guidelines to the charging entities on how to reverse those legitimate transfers that are not supposed to attract the levy.

The second category also relates to that same off-net where people are sending below 100 cedis and are being charged. That has come to our attention and we are in communication with the charging entities to look into that,” he stated.