Director of Operations of GIBA, Prince Hari Crystal, spoke at a forum organised by GIBA, Thursday

Executive Council Member of the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), Prince Hari Crystal has urged the National Communications Authority to make Digital Terrestrial Television as free as possible for viewers.

To Mr Crystal, per the directive of the Ministry of Communications, broadcasters would be paying for the transmission services on the digital television platform which has to give viewers a free access to television viewing.

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“The free-to-air viewing must be free as possible so the Ministry must not charge viewers to pay a digital access fee to enable them to watch free-to-air television. The new platform requires more viewers for its sustenance,” he said.

Mr Crystal said this when speaking at a forum in Accra on Thursday on the theme ‘Digital Migration and the Future of Free-to-air Television Migration in Ghana.’

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Mr Crystal added that “GIBA will resist any attempt by the government to charge television viewers for free-to-air content following a policy that seeks to charge viewers of their channels.”

Mr Gregory Benserg, who was a guest speaker at the forum, also said “pushing down cost to consumers will slow down progress.”

Source: | Gertrude Otchere