The birthday party of an aspiring Students Union President, Alade Emmanuel, was crashed after his six girlfriends clashed at the celebration premise.

The celebrant, a 400 level Electrical Engineering student of Ekiti State University, would not forget the birthday in a hurry, as he was exposed big time.

It was gathered that the party happened on Tuesday, July 27, hours after the six girls found out they were rivals.

According to one of the victims, after giving him a present, she posted him on her Whatsapp status, with a romantic caption.

To her dismay, another girl messaged her, accusing her of being a boyfriend snatcher; and that’s how four others also emerged.

She added that to confirm their suspicion, they all converged at his residence for the party, and watch how things fold out.

The girls did as planned and got the reaction they were looking for; the guy almost rushed out after sighting them seated beside each other in his room.

However, the girls were quick enough to drag him back and confronted him for deceiving them with love. A fight broke out among the ladies.

One of them, in a viral video, could be heard ranting: “This is the same guy we give money, campaign for him because he’s contesting for SUG president, take care of his physical and sexual needs. As much as we didn’t get back all the money we’ve spent on him, we taught him a special lesson and ate out of the birthday cakes he was given.”

Watch the video below: