Dr Zanetor Rawlings celebrates aged in her constituency

It was a moment of inspiration, fun and merrymaking when Member of Parliament (MP) for the Klottey Korle constituency, Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings met with some aged people in her constituency.

Over 500 aged constituents consisting of both males and females from Tudu, Okaikoi, North Adabraka, Asylum Down and its environs were treated to various forms of donations.

The wide smiles on their faces could not be compared to the dance moves they displayed in appreciation of the food items they received from their MP.

Despite the weary bodies and weak legs, the Osu Palace premise was at the mercy of the beneficiaries who challenged Dr Zanetor to a dance session.

As the rhythm of the party’s anthem and old-fashioned songs dominated the airwaves, the oldies rushed to the dancefloor to depict how they used to boogie during their youthful days.

Impressed by their dance moves, an obviously excited Dr Zanetor thanked the aged, whom she described as her “extra parents’ following the demise of her father, for giving her a warm reception.

She eulogized them for their pivotal role in uplifting her image and that of the National Democratic Congress as a party, for which she pledged to be of more help.

This was after she had gifted them food items to ensure they continued the merrymaking even after the yuletide.

At the annual MP’s Time with the Aged ceremony hosted at the forecourt of the Osu Palace, Friday, January 14, she explained that the donation is not geared towards scoring political points.

Rather, the MP said it is in fulfillment of a pledge she made to her late father, Jerry John Rawlings, to not forsake the vulnerable but reward them with everything deserving.

“While going on a tour in my constituency, I was given a very warm reception. They made me feel like family. I remembered my father’s advice to always remember the aged and treat them with great respect.”

“This is not because of politics but it is what is right. The commandment reminds us to honour our parents so this gathering is to honour them and ease their burdens.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a great financial difficulty to the aged and this, Dr Zanetor said she cannot solve, but her donation to them is a gesture of her thoughtfulness, adding that “I wish I could do more because you are the pillars of the community”.

Despite constituting a meager minority of voters per the latest statistics, Dr Zanetor noted that the aged hold the key to re-instilling dignity to politics.

She, therefore, admonished them to teach the history of the country and remind their descendants of the beauty of politics practiced in their youthful days.

“It pains me that politics has made respect for the aged diminish. You are our pillars, some of you were around during Nkrumah’s reign; you hold the history. Teach the history of the country and the party. Teach the youth so they do not take peace and stability for granted. Encourage them not to be influenced by power to engage in chaos.”

Speaking at the gathering, a representative of the Adabraka Muslim Chief, Alhaji Ali Issah urged the constituents to pursue peace. “NDC is our blood, it is a part of our lives so let’s advise our people to do everything possible to uphold the dignity of the party”.

Some of the beneficiaries expressed their profound gratitude and prayed for an abundance of grace and enlargement of her coast.

Madam Charlotte Okine, an aged party stalwart, educated on the need to rally support behind Dr Zanetor and take a firm stance on issues relating to the party.

Another beneficiary, Mr Henry Quartey, encouraged participation to ensure the reign of the party becomes an inheritance, and to break the 8-year jinx.

Also in attendance were the National Organizer, Joshua Akamba, Womens’ Organizer, Constituency Chairman, Regional Vice Chairman and a host of dignitaries.