Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, is of the view that the #FixTheCountry campaign can fuel civil war in Ghana.

A day after he urged the youth to desist from typing online and hit the streets to vent their spleen, he has equally asked them to do the opposite.

Shatta earlier asked the youth to rise and fight

According to Shatta Wale, the citizens shouldn’t be lambasting the politicians but rather encourage them to be rapid in their doings.

Suggesting a more inclined hashtag, he asked the youth to rather project #YouCanDoBetter to motivate the politicians because whoever started the #FixTheCountry wants to destroy Ghana.


It’s not fix the country It’s #Youcandobetter to encourage them to be rapid in their doings. Whoever start this fix ting dierrrr, why you want bring war? Cuz Twitter people can fight on the streets ooo, we all suffering my guy !! Ghana no easy but let’s respect the peace.

Reacting to the killings and injuries of civilians who were protesting at Ejura by some military men who were deployed to ensure calm, Shatta Wale asked the FixTheCountry conveners to retreat on their actions.

You are there watching bullets enter people’s children and you still screaming fix the country… Let’s stop this it won’t end well … I DONT WANT NO WAR !!! #AYOO.

In another post on Facebook, he said only educated fools and disappointed graduates follow the #FixTheCountry campaign.

Check out the post below:

Do you want to bring war? – Shatta Wale stands against #FixTheCountry campaign