NDC General Secretary

First Deputy Speaker, Joseph Osei-Owusu, has condemned Asiedu Nketia over his comments that the Minority in Parliament can use any possible force to ensure the right thing is done.

According to Joe Wise, as he is affectionately called, it is uncouth for a leader to incite people in such a manner.

“You are a member of the Parliamentary Service Board and how can you stand in public to make such comments and come back to sit on the board?.

“You as a leader, you must be able to think of ways we can move the country forward. So how can you mediate issues and bring peace?” he quizzed on Accra-based Neat FM.

Joe Wise, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament
Joe Wise, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Addressing the party’s youth wing in the Ashanti Region on Saturday, February 5, the Chief Scribe of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) stated that if need be, Deputy Speakers must be compelled through physical means to ensure they execute their mandate while sitting in for Speaker Alban Bagbin.

“As long as impunity does not stop, resistance has been imposed on us as a duty,” he said.

“So if a Speaker or the Deputy Speaker says he will be a referee as well as be the one to kick the ball for a penalty, and also blow the whistle that a goal has been scored – if a slap will ensure he does not do that, slap him so that he comes back to his senses,” he said.


But Joe Wise emphasised democracy makes room for diverse opinions, hence they must be able to provide their alternatives when necessary.

“Incidentally, democracy has room for everybody including those who think in violence and insults. We are parliamentarians and our duty is to make policies so if you don’t agree, then you bring your own perspective,” he added.

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