A public health nurse, Cindy Ofori Appiah, says depression is a form of disability which is more serious than other health conditions.

Speaking on a health show Nkwa Hia on Adom TV, the nurse explained that depression causes more disabilities in humans than other health conditions like stroke, cancer, heart diseases, and other deadly sicknesses.

She explained that depression normally occurs in women after puberty, adding that about 90% of women who suffer from depression consider suicide as a solution.

According to her, depression can be inherited from some family members who have previous mental issues.

Life activities that push women into depression include marriage, job opportunities, unable to give birth after a long period of marriage and inferiority complex.


She asserted that a depressed person may give off signs and symptoms through their way of dressing, the type of food they eat and the time intervals they eat, weight loss, mood swings, drunkenness, etc.

She advised depressed people to listen to more appropriate music, learn to talk to people to weigh off the burden, eat more appropriate foods, exercise more, watch comic movies and most importantly spend time with friends.