After five nominations in the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in 2015 including album of the year Africa, the popular afro-beat giants, Dark Suburb’s ‘Kelewele’ song which was released late last year has been nominated in the ‘Best Artiste, Duo or Group in African rock’ category.

Dark Suburb is known for metaphors – from their brand to their music and Kelewele is no different.

According to the leader of the group, Kankan, Kelewele is a message to mankind.

If you peel riped plantain, you see a white man’s skin colour and if you expose it to heat then it gets to a black man’s skin and this tells mankind something. Kelewele is a spicy plantain dish that serves and taste good with many different food types and this is how a man must live with others, understanding we are better together, he explained.

Kankan added that the animated video aside, from introducing the band superhero characters emerging from the slum to save the day, entreats people to be proud of their heritage and enhance it. It shows aliens who are foreigners, bringing their technology and culture to distract people while taking away their resources or prosperity and Dark Suburb is here to open everyone’s eyes with music (arts and culture). [SIC]

The band, after a few years shooting a yet-to-be-released documentary in the slum, is back in the studio working on their next studio album titled Mali and a win at the Africa music awards will certainly be a good way to build up for this project, they said.