Ghana’s first Alternative Rock Band, ‘Dark Suburb’, has revealed that an incident last year at the Presidency contributed to why they have been off the radar.

In a yet to be aired interview with Becky on EWITHBECKS show on Joy Prime, the group said they were accused of posing a security threat to the presidency.

The bandleader explained that the team had been invited to perform when the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA) team came to Ghana the first time but were told they couldn’t go to the Jubilee House with the mask on.

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“The Ministry of Creative Arts and the government representative said Dark Suburb’s mask was a security issue. They added it caused a lot of panic in the band,” the leader stated.

He added, “I asked if Duff Punk came to Ghana, will you have asked them to remove their mask?”

Dark Suburb consists of anonymous talented musicians [guitarist, pianist, drummers, and singer] who wear skeleton masks as a form of identity.

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The band consists of five musicians and a poet, who acts as their Chief Priest and bandleader. They have been able to combine rock with all forms of African style of music.

Watch the video above: