Anglophone hip-hop and Afrobeat musician, D Black, has reacted to the allegations of fraud leveled against him by virtue of his flashy lifestyle.

Ghanaians have, since the last few years of him being in the Creative Arts industry, pondered on his source of income and how he finances his luxurious living.

D Black is known for his philanthropic work, high taste for designer brands as well as partying, all of which have earned him the tag, Enjoyment Minister.

Word on the street suggests that he has connections with cyber-criminals who pay him 10% for his involvement.

Reacting to such on Adom TV‘s weekend show, Ahosepe Xtra with Sister Sandy, the artiste, real name Desmond Kwesi Blackmore defended that is far from the truth.

Having worked in various sectors of the entertainment industry for 11 years, D Black said he owes all his success to his craft.

From his perspective, he does not need to involve in shady business when God, his hard work, and extreme dedication to his job, can secure him all the luxury he has and deserves.

“I do so many investments; aside my music I have my label as well as other businesses like the club and events centre. So while I’m waiting for the song to pick up, other businesses are running. People close to me are all interested in the business that’s how it works and that is how it has always been,” he said.

Beyond the luxury some people perceive he has especially on social media, D Black hinted that there are times he has mountains of debts from his failed businesses.

“It’s not an easy train; it can’t all be rosy. There are times when everything is slow. Even with my club, next week will be five years since it was established but success came about a year ago after being in debt,” he continued.

D Black, who tagged himself a workaholic, expressed hurt that some persons who have no business in his life find something negative to attach to him.

“it’s not an easy train so when you work and sweat and people speak negative it hurts sometimes,” he said.

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