Survivors of the deadly viral disease, Coronavirus have shared their near death experiences.

22-year-old Nil Monro tested positive after returning to Barcelona from Milan Fashion Week in Italy but being young and healthy, he got over quickly.

“I like to assure people to follow the authorities recommendation, try not to attend big events and practice good hygiene,” he said in the featured video above.

Another survivor, 65-year-old Claudio Canelli who is a mayor of a town in Italy said he recovered from coronavirus after three days.


He contracted it through interaction with people in his town but after taking some anti-biotics, he was cured.

Jakob Ramlying was the first person to test positive in Denmark after returning home from a holiday in Italy.

He has now recovered and recognises how dangerous coronavirus is to humanity.

‘”I don’t want to the one to make other people sick so that was my greatest concern so I preferred to stay home so I can prevent anybody from getting this disease” Jakob Ramlying added.

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