Countryman Songo

The Fire Man Countryman Songo is longing to come back home as he cuts short his fun times in the United States to reconnect with his Ghanaian fans.

After spending three weeks in the foreign land, in the company of his wife and children, Songo will hop onto the next available flight to the motherland.

The award-winning sports presenter will arrive tomorrow, April 16, ahead of his on-screen appearance on Tuesday.

Reminiscing on his journey, Countryman Songo said was given a massive welcome by some of his fans who could not help but jubilate his entry.

Despite the freezing temperature, some die-hard fans gathered in New York in wait for Songo.

Also, award-winning event organizer, 3G Media, held a 3-day meet-and-greet session in different States from the 9th to 11th of April for Songo.

The final straw that elicited joy in Songo was the family time he had after the Easter celebrations.

He, together with his wife and three children were a delight to watch as they posed for the camera during those memorable moments.

Watch some photos of Songo’s US visit below:

Countryman Songo’s wife and daughter
Countryman Songo ‘s relatives
Countryman Songo and some relatives
Countryman Songo and some relatives
Countryman Songo and relative
Countryman Songo, wife and childern