Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye

The Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye, has informed Parliament that he has taken the COVID-19 test and the result was negative.

“I wish to inform you that I took the Coronavirus test three days ago and my test result came negative. Praise the Lord,” he said.

In an address on Saturday night before he suspended the House indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Speaker requested all members and staff who wished to do voluntary testing to contact Dr Prince Pambo, the Medical Officer in charge of Parliament House Clinic.

He gave the assurance that the usual Rising Allowance termed Special Suspension Allowance would be paid to all relevant persons and that other payments would be made to members accordingly.

On the indefinite suspension due to the COVID-19, Speaker Oquaye said: “Honourable Members, we are suspending sitting on this day, and this Honourable House will stand suspended until the Speaker, in consultation with the leadership of the House, deem it fit to ask the House to resume sitting.”

The decision means the Speaker can recall legislators on any day he chooses to, without the required 14-day notice.

“This action is unprecedented but indeed we are living in unprecedented times and the whole Ghana State is in a state of National Emergency,” he said.