File photo: Coronavirus treatment centre

The public has been urged to desist from stigmatising anyone or group with regards to the current COVID-19 outbreak.


This is because such outbreaks put the entire human race at risk and basically require the collaboration and cooperation of the entire global community for a solution.

Dr Benjamin Anyagre, the General Secretary of Ghana China Friendship Association (GHACHIFA), told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that it was also very important for people to understand that anyone could get infected.

He said people with confirmed or suspected cases, therefore, needed as much support and understanding as possible, because no one was beyond getting infected.

He said it was unfortunate for anyone to refer to the virus as “Chinese virus” because that constituted a xenophobic attack on a particular group of people, and violated the UN Charter on human rights.

He noted that a number of epidemic outbreaks had occurred in the past, but had never been named after their respective countries of origin.

He said it was important now to tap into the expertise of the Chinese, concerning how they managed to curb the spread of the virus.

“Just as China has successfully curbed the spread of the virus, we appeal that they bring their best practices to bear on Ghana and other afflicted countries,” he said.

Dr Anyagre said GHACHIFA was highly appreciative of the gesture of solidarity and support by China towards supporting Ghana in fighting the pandemic.