Criminals are taking undue advantage of the mad rush for hand sanitizers and defrauding unsuspecting Ghanaians through various schemes.

In view of the novel coronavirus pandemic, some persons have, at the blind side of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), manufactured their version of alcohol-based hand sanitizers which they sell to the public at throat-cutting prices.

The modus operandi of such persons is collecting original bottles of hand sanitizers from companies which they clean and mix their own ingredients, believed to be cassava starch and locally distilled gin ‘Akpeteshie,’ claiming it is the original content of the container.

A Kumasi-based Journalist, Barima Kwabena Owusu who blew the cover of these bandits in Kumasi wrote: ”Someone sold this, starch mixed with alcohol as hand sanitizer to a taxi driver for GHS90.”


Some weeks ago, renowned investigative journalist, Manasseh Azuri Awuni literally lost his cool over the astronomical hikes in prices of hand sanitizers following the novel coronavirus pandemic, cursing those taking undue advantage of the situation.

A mad rush for the product which has been recommended as one of the surest ways of staying safe, led to sales outlets including pharmacies cashing-in and selling the product above comprehension.