The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) has shut down its office after 46 of its staff tested positive for Coronavirus.

This was after the mass testing in which a number of the staff tested positive and arrangements made for their treatment.

A statement by the Managing Director of BOST, Edwin Provençal, said the office will be closed from Monday, July 6 to Monday 13th, July 2020.

“This has become necessary due to a mass testing of staff carried out by the company at the head office in the wake of a staff of the IT department testing positive for the virus,” the statement said.


Good Evening Team,

As of this evening we have received all 162 COVID-19 tests that were conducted in the Head office these last few days.

I am sorry to announce that about 46 members, representing 28.4% of our staff have tested POSITIVE.

Due to this result, the contact tracing unit will be calling all the staff who have tested positive to start self isolation immediately.

I will encourage all GMs to inform their staff at the headoffice to work from home on Monday as we try to reach our affected staff members.

The head office will therefore be CLOSED on Monday.

Please be safe.🙏🏾

Edwin Provençal