Recall about seven months ago, one of the church services of popular man of God, Rev Obofour of Anointed Palace Chapel in Kumasi saw one boy who was suffering from an unknown and strange health condition that had disfigured his whole being.

The three-year-old kid, Solomon suffered that unknown condition right from birth. Due to the financial situation of the parents of the kid they were not able to take him to the hospital to receive proper healthcare.

Fast forward, Rev Obofour after seeing the kid during the church service ordered for him to be taken to the hospital to operate on as soon as possible giving a sum of GH¢5,000.00 as transport fare.

Tears filled the eyes of Obofour and church members when the child before he was taken to the hospital cried for help saying “I’m tired, Obofour help me.”

Rev Obofour promised to fly the kid out of the country so that he receives the needed and proper healthcare and eventually cure him of his condition.

True to the words of man of God, he since from that day has taken good care of little Solomon till today.

Good news is that little Solomon after several months at the hospital has been discharged and is now looking strong and healthy compared to then.

The mother of little Solomon could not hide her joy as she was full of praise for Rev Obofour.

Credit: ghpage