Professor Ransford Gyampo

Senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof Yaw Gyampo, has chronicled his judgment following the recently launched book ‘Working with Rawlings’ by Professor Kwamena Ahwoi.

According to him, the author displayed a high sense of scholarship in documenting his perspectival truth about his working with former President Jerry John Rawlings.

To him, the book attempts to summarise some core issues of politics in Ghana under Mr Rawlings, in a manner that makes it reader-friendly.


But, Prof Gyampo said politically, the timing for the release of the book is quite problematic.

“Indeed, publishing this book with many controversial contents, about four months to an election that promises to be keenly competitive, is either a fundamental misjudgment and a display of weak sense of timing, or a shadow of an agenda to scuttle a chance, and start afresh with a preference,” he wrote on his Facebook post.

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