File photo: Market

Authorities of the market centres of Akuapem North Municipality of the Eastern region have outlined necessary measures to keep traders safe as coronavirus intensifies.

Municipal Chief Executive, Dennis Aboagye, said the centres will, henceforth, practice shift system as a key crowd control measure.

The new development will come at the back of the fumigation exercise at Akuapem-Adawso market orchestrated by the Municipal Security Council.

As part of measures to reduce the risk of the novel virus, veronica buckets will be put at vantage points in the markets and traders are expected to wash their hands every 30 minutes.

That notwithstanding, a compulsory market shift system will be rolled out for traders in similar businesses.


“Traders from Makola and Agbogbloshie come all the way here to buy on market days, making the centres crowded. It is likely the virus will spread in such manner so we are making plans to ensure the traders come in batches.

“For instance, the tomato sellers will be divided into two groups, one will come on the first market day which is Tuesday and the other will come on the next, Friday,” he explained in an interview with Adom News.

To ensure effectiveness of the plans, Mr Aboagye revealed he brought the Assembly members and market queen mothers on board to implement the policies.