Central region floods

Repair works are underway on the bridge linking Cape Coast to Twifo Praso in the Central Region, which collapsed on Sunday, June 19.

Videos and photos showed a section of the road had completely caved in, rendering the route inaccessible.

The bridge is known to serve commuters from Cape Coast to Jukwa and also from Dunkwa-On-Offin.

However, the Head of Public Relations for the Ghana Highways Authority, Cecil Obodai Wentum, said it will be repaired on time to bring relief to affected commuters.

Repair works ongoing on collapsed Twifo Praso bridge
Repair works ongoing

“The only problem or challenge was that there was the need for us to wait for the water to recede so that the contractor would start work,” Mr Wentum disclosed.

Repair works ongoing on collapsed Twifo Praso bridge

 “The contractor has collected enough boulders and is using it to fill the portions that have been cut off,” he added.

Meanwhile, a temporary bypass has been created for cut-off communities.