Lyrical Joe, Delay and Amerado | image credit: @_lyricaljoe, @delayghana and @amerado_burner
Lyrical Joe, Delay and Amerado | image credit: @_lyricaljoe, @delayghana and @amerado_burner

Presenter Deloris Frimpong Manso has asked his rapper friend, Amerado to stop beefing colleague rapper, Lyrical Joe.

It is unclear why she is asking Amerado to quit since Delay, right from the onset, has proved to be against Lyrical Joe.

In a tweet she shared when the rap feud commenced, Delay said she didn’t know the Best Rap Performance winner in the recently-held Vodafone Music Ghana Awards existed.

When a fan queried her on the rap battle, she quickly riposted: Who is he? Never heard of him.

The tweet angered fans who have a strong allegiance to Lyrical Joe, but it’s obvious Delay will always be in the camp of Amerado since they are close pals.

In her Facebook post, Delay wrote Cease Fire, attaching a photo of Amerado to it.

She captioned another post on Twitter: Stop It Amerado.