Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage has exposed two men who engaged in broad-daylight thieveries in two separate incidents.

The first tape captured the moment a socialite pilfered two phones at a stationery shop in Ibandan, Nigeria.

The neatly-dressed man walked majestically to the counter where he targeted the two phones of the cashier.

As she was destructed with work, the thief made use of the opportunity to snatch her two phones which were resting on the counter.

Feigning the receipt of a phone call, he slowly made it to the exit.

Hours after the footage was released to the public to help with information that may lead to his arrest, another supermarket at a fuel station has released a CCTV tape of a similar incident.

The approach was similar, but the second suspect stole airtime worth GHS 1,500 from a drawer after distracting the salesgirl.