The life of an electronic shop owner and his unsuspecting customers were spared due to their cooperation when four armed men stormed his booth.

This was exposed by a CCTV camera that captured the moment the unmasked armed robbers rolled out their robbery plan.

In a video widely circulated, the male shop attendant could be seen alone when four men approached while brandishing guns.

The shop owner surrendered and opened his door for the men to walk into the main shop, fearing for his life.

Three of the hooded robbers carried out the operation while one was in waiting to alert them of any unplanned move.

The robbers ransacked the shop and withdrew cash from the drawers as well as some electrical appliances.

Some unsuspecting customers, who approached the booth, were not spared the ordeal.

A female was ordered to stay still in a corner to watch the ongoing robbery, shortly before two men also fell victim and they were dispossessed of their property as well.

Watch video below: