A shocking incident unfolded at the Dodowa Government Hospital when a thief under the guise of a doctor stole some items in the hospital.

The suspect, captured on CCTV footage, reportedly entered the hospital premises around 6:pm, initially under the guise of being a relative of a patient.

However, in a bid to gain access, he posed as a doctor, deceiving both patients and staff alike.

He cunningly stole a brand-new laptop and three mobile phones from the hospital’s emergency ward belonging to patients before calmly heading for the exit.

Authorities, upon reviewing the CCTV footage, have identified the suspect and believe he resides in either Teshie or Nungua.

Efforts are underway to apprehend the individual to retrieve the stolen items.

The Dodowa Government Hospital administration has expressed deep concern about the security breach and is working closely with law enforcement agencies to enhance security measures.

Authorities are calling on the public to report any relevant information that could aid in the swift apprehension of the suspect.