Long-serving musicians, Captain Planet and Okyeame Quophi, have clashed over benefits ‘beefs’ bring to the music industry.

Jeff Sylvanus Dodji, known as Captain Planet, was of the view beefs have no positives whatsoever but only breed disrespect and even blood shedding.

He explained that beefs only entertain fans but add no significance to the artiste’s brand which is the most important element.

“No international brand will call you to come and perform a ‘diss’ song. In Ghana if you do a ‘diss’ song, your fans will be all over your page because to them it is entertainment, but in actual sense to you the artiste, someone can say something diminishing which can end your whole career.

“If care is not taken, it will get to a level where even fans will say diminishing things to artistes because they have availed themselves,” Caption Planet asserted.

However, taking a quick swipe, Okyeame Quophi insisted ‘beefs’ are necessary because they form part of the music business.

He explained ‘beefs’ or lyrical war are tools when used well can enhance the fanbase, career and pockets of artistes.


“Every game has its own rules and rap is about self-expression, building your territory and protecting it. If anybody comes into your territory and you don’t defend, those who believe in you will be disappointed. Beefing is very necessary except when it becomes physical,” he said.

The whole conversation, which ensued in the studios of HITZ FM, stemmed from the misunderstanding between Eno Barony and Medikal.