toll booth

Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways, Stephen Jalula has explained that the government’s policy to cancel the collection of road tolls remains in force.

His explanation comes on the back of the Finance Minister’s announcement that the Accra-Tema Motorway will be tolled after the rehabilitation and extension project is completed.

“The Government of Ghana shall provide funding through GIIF to take equity in the Special Purpose Vehicle to be created by GIIF for the project,” Mr Ofori-Atta mentioned.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews on Monday, the Deputy Minister said any decision to reintroduce road tolls will be laid before Parliament for further action.

He emphasized that the announcement by the Finance Minister does not apply to all roads.

“My understanding is that the policy has not changed and it is not going to change under this new statement that was read. What he [Finance Minister] did say was that the Tema Motorway will be done under PPP and the road will be tolled. If subsequently, the government decides to change the policy on the road tolling, that one will come to Parliament for consideration,” he stated.