school feeding
School feeding

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Central region, has defended its Chairman, Robert Kutin Junior over school feeding funds allegedly stashed in his Mobile Money (momo) account.

Confusion rocked the region over delayed payment to caterers which was said to have been credited to S.N.A momo merchant account belonging to Mr Kutin.

A member of the Central Regional Security Council and NADMO Director, Joe Donkor had claimed one Khadidja Anderson told them about the presence of the money in the chairman’s account at a meeting held at the Regional Secretariat.

However, a statement signed by the regional secretary, Richard Takyi-Mensah, has fought off the claims, describing it as an attempt to mar Mr Kutin’s reputation.

“The Regional Party states on authority that Chairman Robert Kutin Jnr does not own any Mobile Money Merchant line and does not have a pesewa of any school feeding caterers’ money paid to him in any way,” parts of the statement read.

The statement, among other things, also described Mr Joe Donkor’s role as unfortunate, distasteful, and a digression from his core mandate as a disaster management officer.

“In fact, we are shocked to the bone as to why Mr Joe Donkor will engage in such a malicious behaviour to tarnish the image of Mr Robert Kutin Jnr and for that matter put the name of the Central Regional party into disrepute.


“The Regional Party condemns this despicable behaviour of Mr Joe Donkor and calls on him to immediately retract all his unsavory comments and unconditionally apologize to Chairman Kutin Jnr and the Regional Party,” the statement cautioned.  

The statement explained that the allegation had come as a surprise since Mr Kutin has never, in any way, been associated with the programme.

“Miss Khadijah Anderson knows too well that Chairman Kutin Jnr has never been associated with School Feeding, neither as a supervisor, nor a caterer, and therefore we find it extremely weird for her to link Chairman Kutin Jnr to anything related to school feeding,” statement added.

On the back of what they describe as inconsistencies in Madam Khadijah’s comments on the matter, they are with immediate effect demanding an apology and retraction.

They have also cautioned one Mr Kwesi Adu, a self-styled Secretary at the Regional School Feeding Secretariat to desist from the ‘reprehensible behaviour’, retract and also apologise to Mr Kutin for all lies made against him.