Brother Sammy calls on gospel musicians to target night clubs
Gospel musician Brother Sammy

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy, has alleged that Cecilia Marfo has an agenda to destroy the gospel music industry in Ghana.

In a video circulating on social media, Miss Marfo is seen snatching a microphone from Joyce Blessing who was performing at the end of year thanksgiving service of the Unity Group.

Madam Marfo, after snatching the microphone, was heard ordering Miss Blessing to go back to her husband because God has blessed her through her marriage.

This has become topical on social and traditional media with people condemning her actions.


But speaking on Adom FM in an interview with Rev. Kwamena Idan, Brother Sammy, who had had a similar encounter with madam Marfo, alleged that there was an agenda by her to destroy the gospel industry.

“I want to ask Cecilia Marfo whether marital issues are addressed in public or in private? Since Joyce Blessing had marital issues, you’ve never called her but in public you decided to talk about her marital industry. Cecilia Marfo’s target is to destroy the gospel industry. Her target is to destroy the gospel industry because everywhere she goes, every gospel event she attends something bad happens. If she doesn’t slap someone, she will spit on someone. I know a number of musicians she has done this to but I will not want to mention names,” he told Rev Idan.

According to him, there have been several instances where gospel musicians have been unfairly treated by madam Marfo in the name of the holy spirit consuming her.