A video of a groom snubbing his bride to go and dance provocatively with a lady friend at their wedding reception has been trending on social media.

In the video, the groom is seen quickly getting up at the wedding reception and pulling the lady who had been dancing and heading his way.

Without any respect to his wife, he pulled the lady to his bosom and they started dancing while he focused on her backside.


They danced and enjoyed themselves while friends cheered them on. All this while, the bride was feeling uneasy, and finally, she got up to leave the reception.

Just a day after the wedding, she has recorded a new video to tell Ghanaians to mind their own business.

In the video, the lady is seen in the company of her husband as they walk together. She laughed hysterically and said Mona Mobl3, meaning that those who find something wrong with what her husband did are the ones suffering, not her or the husband.

The lady added that the two are happy, therefore, whoever takes what happened at the reception to heart is the one suffering.