The Centre for Transport Security Dialogue (CETSED) is a Non-Governmental Organization, working with stakeholders in the transport sub sectors through advocacy for safer, secured and transparent transport systems. The center focuses on research, capacity building and dialogue to advocate for policies that enhance the development of the transport sector.
CETSED is active and operational in all the four sectors of public transportation namely rail, road, water, and air.
CETSED has cited a research conducted by the National Road Safety Commission which seeks to suggest that drivers are to be held accountable for the major causes of road crashes in Ghana. In a press briefing last Tuesday, Mrs. May Obiri Yeboah, the Executive Director of NRSC revealed that negligence, excessive speeding and disregard for road traffic regulations on the part of drivers have been identified as the major causes of road crashes in Ghana.
According to the NRSC Executive Director the fact-finding research is a preliminary investigation to understand the contributory factors to causes of crashes in the first two months of the year 2018. CETSED finds the fact finding research very unfortunate and a knee jerk reaction to the serious subject of road related deaths which is so alarming and highly unacceptable. It is the considered view of CETSED that the NRSC, DVLA, MTTD, GHA etc should rather be accused for failing to perform their mandated functions resulting in the alarming road fatalities.
Research per the viewpoint of CETSED is supposed to solve problems not just to accuse and shift blame as the NRSC sanctioned research sought to achieve. What stops the MTTD from strictly enforcing the law? What stops the DVLA from performing its functions effectively?
What prevents the NRSC from establishing with road authorities, procedures for safety audit of projects for roads construction, reconstruction or improvement;
Promote road safety research; and
Set standards for road safety equipment and ensure compliance?
In an interview with reporters Mr Ankoma-Abrokwaa Kwaku the Communications Director (Ag) at CETSED stated categorically most Ghanaians have lost trust in the NRSC as it has outlived its usefulness after showing signs of below average performance. Mr Ankoma-Abrokwaa called on driver unions and associations to disregard the preliminary investigations by NRSC and continue to obey the road traffic regulations as enshrined in L.1 2180. It is sad and disappointing that a state agency that has performed so poorly since its inception can attempt to use grammar and hide behind research to accuse drivers in Ghana while extricating itself from the very problem it created together with MTTD and DVLA.
CETSED is by this piece reminding the NRSC that institutions and agencies exist to shape and modify the negative attitudes of the citizenry by the application of laws, imposition of fines and penalties and implementation of policies.
The call by the NRSC urging MTTD and DVLA to step up their game is needless and baseless knowing very well their exact mandate under the law.
CETSED is the only registered NGO in Ghana dedicated to transport research and advocacy for strict compliance to safety and security standards.