File photo: Armed robber

A police officer from Kitimon police post in Samburu County, Kenya where unknown individuals broke in and stole firearms is said to have lost the station’s armory key.

K24 Digital has established that police officers at the station are blaming in0charge Sergeant Thomas Letitilit for constantly losing the key of the armory.

Officers Dickson Mandera Mauti and Samwel Alma are also said to be pointing fingers at one another blaming one another for who was supposed to be on duty.

Mauti accused Letilit of having a habit of occasionally breaking the door to the armory after losing the keys.

Mauti claimed that he was asleep on Monday when he heard the door of the armory which is also the house of Letilit being broken into on Monday night.

“At first, I thought that it was Letilit who was breaking the door because he had lost the keys. Soon after I heard a gunshot and when I peeped through the door I saw no movement,” Mauti told officers at Suguta Marmar Police Station.

After the gunshot, Mauti said that he was forced to step out of his house and proceed to the armory. On reaching there, he was shocked to find the door of the armor’s broken.


“The steel box was opened, on checking, I found out that two G3 firearms of serial number A01278 and Serial number A04499 with two magazines and 40 rounds of 7.62mm were missing,” he said.

When another officer was questioned, he claimed that he had left the station under the protection of Mauti. According to the officer, he had gone home to attend to an emergency and was not around when the incident happened.

When officers from Samburu Central as well as the Officer in Charge (OC) Suguta Marmar visited the scene of the incident, they found one spent cartridge of 7.62mm, a door latch, and a broken padlock